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Club Rules and Guidelines
Mustang Week Staff | 01.26.2008 | 12:06:49 | Views: 4303

Club Rules and Guidelines for the Mustang Week Car Show and Cruise-In

1. Clubs can park together if arrive together. Your club will need to choose an off-site location to stage your ride to the show/cruise-in area at Colonial Mall. Please contact Mustang Week Staff member Rodney Melton to designate a time for you club to arrive. Once an arrival time is agreed upon, please arrive on time. We can not guarantee that a car or two will fall in line with your club due to traffic.

2. Space is available in the vendor area for your club to distribute material, hold a membership drive, or possibly sell club merchandise. A club official must contact Rodney Melton, prior to Mustang Week, to discuss a club/vendor space so that the necessary permits are obtained.

3. No use of the Mustang Week official logo by clubs except by request/permission. Clubs can use the words "Mustang Week" on shirts, etc. Please refrain from distributing/selling merchandise that is not "family oriented."

4. Individual tents can be utilized in grass areas adjacent to the show fields and parking lots but NO tents will be allowed in carshow/cruise-in area. All tents must be securely anchored by weight. Any tent not securely anchored will have to be taken down.

5. Please enter and exit thru designated places only. DO NOT take down cones, ropes, barriers, etc. The barriers will be in place to help us control the flow of traffic and provide a safe environment for participants and spectators.

6. Only Mustangs and SVT vehicles allowed in show/cruise fields. No exceptions.

7. CLEAN UP BEHIND YOURSELF. Please carry any trash away with you. The Staff will have to clean up behind you so please help us by keeping things clean and safe.

the Mustang Week Staff



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